Why Choose a Licensed General Contractor in Santa Clarita?

Here are 10 important reasons that you should choose Carl Reese Construction:

  1. Honest, Quality Work
  2. Free Estimates
  3. No Worry Warranty
  4. ENERGYSTAR Partner
  5. Certified NACHI Home Inspector
  6. Licensed General Contractor
  7. Home and Commercial Energy Consultant
  8. ASNT Member
  9. IAC2 Mold Remediation
  10. Certified Thermographer


Carl Reese Construction is Santa Clarita’s number #1 handyman.  We have been serving the Santa Clarita, Valencia, Newhall, Caistic and the surrounding areas for over 14 years.  CR Construction has a general contractor’s license with the state of California (#878946) and we are at your service for any size job, big or small, including drywall, plumbing, electrical, remodels, add-ons, and patio covers.  You name it, we can do it. Carl’s expertise is unmatched and he uses his years of experience to provide honest, quality work to you.

We here at CR Construction pride ourselves on excellent customer service; we are on time, clean, and aim to please.  Carl Reese Construction gives free estimates, and offers a “No Worry Warranty”, so you have nothing to lose.  Carl’s credentials include being an ENERGYSTAR Partner, Certified NACH Home Inspector, Licensed General Contractor, Home and Commercial Energy Consultant, ASNT Member, IAC2 Mold Remediation, IAC2 Mold and Air Quality testing, and a certified thermographer.

CR Construction also provides Energy Consulting for your home. Carl uses the thermal imager to locate problems hidden in the walls of your home that the naked eye can not see, such as missing insulation, water damage, electrical hot spots, and leaking duct work. He then does a through examination of your energy bills, and your household energy problems, and provides you with a report, complete with thermal pictures and realistic ways to bring down your energy usage and save you 20%-50% on your energy bills.  Easy ways to start saving energy and money include, installing programmable thermostats, and CFL light bulbs. Weather stripping and proper insulation are also very important. More intensive measures many include installing new windows, or adding foil tape to your attic ceilings, all of which we can handle for you, so call today to schedule your home Energy Audit and starting saving money now!

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